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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beat Beat?

I feel like I dreamed this. I was asleep, in my bed, and I had a dream, and it was this movie. This real, not-a-spoof-trailer movie.

It looks kind of magical. Hobo-who-can-make-rainbows-with-his-hands magical.

What Youtube thinks...

what the hell is this.........
DUDE?!! WTF?!?!?!
I hope the people who thought of this movie burn
is this a joke?
This isn't real right?

The most awful trailer
I nearly took my own life there.

I have no idea what I just saw

This is wrong on so many levels. This movie should go straight to vhs.
This would have worked better if it was made as a comedy.
Trust us... The FP killed at SXSW. It revels in its irreverence. One of the most original and fun independent films in a long time. I challenge you to a beat off!


  1. LOL! I couldn't stop laughing watching the trailer. At 2:11, some girl with her boobs hanging out of her shirt was letting some guy fondle them while everyone is watching them play DDR. WTF

  2. Yeah... why'd they throw that one frame of titties in there? Isn't part of the joke that this could show up on the Disney Channel someday? With just a little bit of cleanup, it could pass as a modern, "urban" version of the Karate Kid. And that would be fuckin' hilarious. I can't wait for somebody to try to come up with the one-line synopsis that'll appear in TV Guide and DVR systems.

    "Wigger avenges DDR master's overdose in underground rave tournament." But surely someone can come up with a better one.

    It's like somebody finally made a parody of EVERYTHING.