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Best Of

This is the kind of stuff I wrote back when I was clever and entertaining. If you're just starting to read this blog now then I'm sorry because you missed the good stuff. These days, I'm all about boring shit and, "Blah, blah, video games."

DannyAndObama.jpg (255×165)

3DSKiddieStable.jpg (462×283)

PlusSizeBiker.jpg (513×247)

Timeline.jpg (199×303)

FromParis21.jpg (628×300)

Who5.jpg (408×299)

Koontz.jpg (140×200)

ChronoTrigger.jpg (443×330)

MagillaGorilla.jpg (251×188)

PriestAndWizard4.jpg (550×324)

GoodParadoxBadParadox.jpg (704×354)

SneakyBeaver.jpg (383×545)


  1. Not including the Beaver rant in this proves you have no idea what writing of yours in compelling.

  2. I knew one day you'd ask to see my beaver, Phil.