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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Volgarr the Viking: I Battled the Shark King Dude

I reached the level 2 boss!!!!!
This is the equivalent of speedrunning Very Hard mode on ANY OTHER GAME, so yes, I'm very proud.

Actually, I reached the level 2 boss about five times. Holy crap, he's hard.

I like how Volgarr claims to be old school hard, because it's a flat-out lie. I've never played an 8-bit game that was even half as difficult as Volgarr. It might take a few months, but I'm going to beat this son of a bitch, and then I'm going to place my PC on a viking longship, push it out to sea and set it ablaze.

Then I'll get a new PC, reinstall, and start speedrunning.

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