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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lady Liberty-Man

I was driving to work this morning. Nothing new about that.

There was a decent amount of snow coming down. Nothing new about that, either.

A man dressed up like the Statue of Liberty was dancing on the corner of the intersection like it was his last day on Earth.

That's kinda interesting.

Not only was this guy getting down, he was good at it, and he was unstoppable. Ten kids riding a sugar high couldn't have kept up with him. It was like witnessing a shaman channeling some deep, spiritual energy and releasing it all into Motown dance moves.

You've got to understand something here: people weren't coming into work today. There was some real snow coming down. You could die in this weather if you gave it the chance. What the hell possessed this man?

You know those guys who stand on street corners and spin signs? Yeah, those guys. They just stand there and listen to their music, spinning some sign advertising a development or something until their shift is over and they can collect their paycheck.

This was a higher form of those guys. He was alpha those guys. He was a genuine performer, the sign of his employers was left forgotten in a snowdrift and you know what? He didn't need it. He didn't want it. Putting a sign in front this guy would be putting a sign in front of magic.

You want to bet he got a lot of beeps? There wasn't a car that passed him that didn't hit their horn, and I'm not talking about timid, little taps, either. People played their horn like it was a (crappy) musical instrument. Drivers couldn't dance in their cars so they danced on their horns. Alpha those guys didn't acknowledge his audience for a second. He was in the zone.

Fast-forward to five hours later and I'm driving in the other direction, and guess what? He's still out there, but he's no longer dancing. No. He's shoveling snow off of his little area of sidewalk because it snowed so much that he didn't have anywhere left to dance.

And he's shoveling the snow with his sign.


  1. "People who hold signs go on to hold many things."
    -famous sign-holder.

  2. Windows 98 called. They want their clip-art back.

  3. Really? That would explain the song I heard as I was driving by.

  4. Where I live there are empty expanses of desert on some of the corners where these human sign posts work. Occasionally when I see them, I see their car parked nearby. I know these cars belong to them because in a quarter-mile of empty desert, there can be no mistaking who left a car there. So my question is: Why would you take this job _if you have a car_?