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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bird Bomb

I was driving along a wide, mostly empty road. The only inhabitants were four small birds chilling out in the oncoming lane.

And there was also an approaching SUV.

The driver had something resembling a crew cut. It was hard to tell because his head was such a funny shape. It was obvious from the way he was looking directly forward that not only did he see those birds, but those birds better get out of the way because he is not swerving around some fucking birds.

I pass the birds. I pass the SUV (giving plenty of room so he can drive around the birds).
Then I look in the rear-view mirror, and all I saw were downy feathers. At least a hundred of them.

Note: Never draw a perspective shot again. Ever.

This picture doesn't do the real thing any justice.
I'm serious. This bird fucking exploded. It looked exactly like when you see a pillow fight in a cartoon and all the feathers are everywhere. Just like that. Like the SUV had puked up a bag of feathers out of it's front grill.

That bird died exactly how I want to die.

Like a cartoon character.

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