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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm Playing This:

I like the part where she indiscriminately murders dozens of people while referencing pop songs from the '90s.

There's also a commuting scientist who somehow manages to fit the word "boner" into his own rendition of the theme song to Dallas.

(I love) Youtube quotes:

funbandza - They should make this peace of crap games for free

ZEntROStick - this game looks awesome but i dont like how they named her ms splosion man instead of splosion girl/lady/woman

BevaToothTiger - it looks good but a bit girly splosion man was for both girl and boy

theapplefan01 - Gay

jjjiiimmmbbbooobbb - Splosion woman would've been a better title
xxxShowNoMercyxxx - Shouldn't it be Ms. Splosion Woman?
ZeroRaijin - So like, why didn't they call it "Splosion Woman"?

pcgamerdude - She straight up murdered those dudes!brzbrngr - why would I play this when I can play black ops lol mw3 goty 2011 you know it cocksuckas

makotomikami - This is stupid, women don't fart :p

r4y98 - TITS

imissspongebob - This looks hard.


  1. When I read Youtube message boards, I imagine a bunch of guys sitting around the perimeter of a padded cell wearing straitjackets all facing one another. Occasionally, they start stuttering profanities at each other from across the room, but most of the time they're just babbling to themselves with glazed over eyes and a little bit of drool running down their chins.

  2. http://achewood.com/index.php?date=01172010

  3. Hold on. Those comments aren't real.
    I should know. I read a lot of them, and this perversion of the sanctity of the Youtube forum upsets me on an almost spiritual level.

    A feral, naked Youtube comment is a beautiful thing. When it's imitated like this...
    It's like a horror movie where someone comes back to life and everyone instinctively knows that this un-death is a crime against the laws of nature.
    Then, even if the subject isn't showing any direct signs of evil-ness but just acting kinda creepy, the people who all knew the guy back before he died pick up their shovels, beat him to death, bury him in the backyard and salt the earth.

    That's what it's like to imitate a Youtube comment.
    Really. How hard is it to find Youtube comments?

  4. Yaknow, after all these unwarranted accusations that I'm trolling you, I'm starting to see that I could post almost anything, and Justin will happily troll _himself_.