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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mega Mash

Mega Mash belongs to the seven-genres-in-one-at-the-same-time genre. It's like if, in a level of Mario Bros, you also had to play Breakout and Bomberman in order to beat the level.

And it's not like you're just going from one game to the next in a linear fashion (which is probably what the image above looks like). Mega Mash demands a constant juggling act of genres where the physics and properties of everything around you is constantly changing, and you have to use these dynamic properties to your advantage.

For instance, I needed to get a block across a pit, so I threw the block into the sidescrolling shooter spaceship game, and because everything in sidescrolling shooters moves left and ignores gravity, the block just floated left over the pit. Neat!

Somehow, even Tetris is in here.

Go ahead. Runs in your browser.
But make sure to find a few solid hours, because you'll want to play through the whole thing. There's a lot of clever design behind the clever gimmick. Every level throws something completely new and challenging at you.

And I dare you not to immediately think of this when listening to the music.

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