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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Youtube Comments Are Like Candy

So Youtube already holds cats in higher regard than ancient Egypt, right? So what happens when you take a dead cat, make it into a helicopter, and upload the video to Youtube?
I was literally giddy when I scrolled down to the comments. Maybe that means I'm some kind of monster who feeds off of the misery of others, but I can't help that I have an appetite for Youtube comments. People are interesting when you give them anonymity and a microphone. They're honest.

And concerning the content of the video itself; according to the interview, the owner loved his cat, Orville, who was hit by a car. It was an artist who attached the props as both a tribute to the animal and an act of artistic expression, which is way past strange, but it's not like this guy is alone in his weirdness. Taxidermy seems to be how all animal lovers with a screw loose express love for their pets. It's weird, but it's a wonderful example of how someone can show affection while everyone else assumes the worst.

Also, I laughed my ass off.
Sorry, Orville, but you look ridiculous.

(Mostly) Youtube comments up ahead!...

Soooo, the cat died, and yet the odds of getting stuck in a tree went up?
  • you gotta be kitten me right meow...
  • I cat possibly imagine why someone would purrduce something like this.

the birds
they are no longer safe

The owner seems to have no respect for life. I wonder if he sneaks into graveyards at night and makes lamps out of humans. Disgusting!

This is just fucking sick.

May I kill you to see how you gonna fly, motherfucker...



I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  • this is sick i hope someone does it to you when your dead
  • Honestly, I would not be upset with being turned into a freaking helicopter when i die.
  • Best funeral ever. Can you imagine it? Right before they lower your body, the coffin lid springs open and everyone hears a WHRRRRRRRRRRR...

When I'm dead, i hope my cat does this to me...

This might seem rather disturbing until you realize that if you put a dead chicken on that thing, most people would just laugh out loud.

Its just very odd.

I think I just saw it blink ...

Lol so much butt hurt, there's far worse things being done to animals and not nearly as many people care.

I was initially youtubing the Game of Thrones soundtrack... how did I end up here.


  1. Hey, how do I post on your blog?


    I mean this YouTube video definitely belongs on your blog, not mine.

  2. Posting on my blog about how to post on my blog? This is like one of those logic paradox thingies, right?

    And that youtube video belongs on EVERY blog. Perhaps all of those comments are legitimate, but imitation comments just don't do it for me. I need the real thing, man.

    Now, the comments under this video (and all the other ones Ukinjoe picks up) are fantastic! I swear it's more Youtube than the rest of Youtube.