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Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Beat Dredmor

Please don't ask what happened to Booger 1.

A single permadeath run. It lasted for thirty hours over the course of many weeks. There were so many I almost died moments, but the closest I got to a game over? Right at the very end when Dredmor busted through some random door and started to murder me. Holy crap, that dude was at least ten times stronger than anything else in the game. I don't remember a final boss ever freaking me out as much as this guy. The scariest thing was his entrance, because he had none. I just kicked open a door and out walks Dredmor, like he's a diggle, or something.

Dungeons of Dredmor is a giant, messy game, and it begs to be played in the same reckless manner; but if you want to win the damn thing then you have to turn into this meticulous robot of a gamer. If I'd known what I was getting into at the beginning, or if this had just been a regular game without permadeath, I would've approached the whole thing with an entirely different attitude.

I am never doing this again.

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