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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dollies of Grimrock

I've got this issue with Grimrock.
Here, watch a few seconds of this:

You play the game from a first-person perspective in which you can strafe, rotate, step backwards, and generally travel at a good pace.

But you're not a single character. You're in control of a four-person party.

How are they so synchronized?!?!


My theory? The entire party is standing on a dolly. How else can they strafe so well? How else can they so effortlessly sidestep an ogre's charge? They're on a dolly, and I'm pushing them onward, to adventure!

Game logic is what happens when ridiculous bullshit is more fun than logic logic. Game logic is why you have unlimited ammo in Contra, a hundred coins gives you an extra life in Mario Bros, and you can carry a dozen different weapons at the same time in Doom. None of it holds up to scrutiny; but that's okay, because it's really fun, and if the game never calls it into question then neither will we.

I guess, with some proper research, we could further explore the psychology behind game logic, but instead I blew my afternoon drawing a giant spider sucking out the intestinal track of Contar Stoneskull.

"The dungeon was silent except for a horrible, stuttering slurp; like clam chowder being sucked through a straw."

1 comment:

  1. They should make a dungeon crawler where you're, like, a six-armed Hindu god or something. The gameplay would be the same, but it would make more sense.