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Monday, January 28, 2013

Magicians and Looters: Smoke Poof Study

Poof 1 

My first poof was built on the concept of the smoke being a bunch of balls that you shrink down; but as you can see, despite using 11 frames (or maybe because of the 11 frames), it looks a little off; like the smoke is flying away down a tunnel, or something.

Poof 2

I wish I saved a few more versions of this somewhere in the middle of development, but what I did was take the original poof and instead of continuing to shrink it down, I fragmented the pieces and finished the poof with something almost completely different from where it started. I also changed the initial frame to be a bit smaller than the following, giving it more pop; and the poof doesn't shrink uniformly (like in the first one). Instead, it keeps most of its width and loses its height.

Poof 2 is a step in the right direction, but I'm already seeing where there could be big improvements.

The important lesson I'm taking from this is that, even in a stupid poof animation, there's a huge amount of room for adding character, and most of that character comes alive when you respect the little things.

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