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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Planetside 2: How to Avoid Being a Douche

 - Don't deconstruct your vehicle before the enemy can take it out. Losing that vehicle costs you nothing, because it was about to explode, anyways. Your opponent earned that XP. Show them some respect.

 - The same goes for pilots jumping out of their aircraft before the kill-shot. You're a douche, and you look stupid falling to your death. Go out with a little dignity and attempt a kamikaze run on your opponent.

 - And if you're that one guy who not only deconstructed your sunderer but went so far as to log out so I couldn't get XP for blasting you with my lightning, then congratulations; you're an alpha douche. Work on that.

 - If your faction has 45% pop on the continent, another faction has 45%, and the third faction has 10% and no territories, don't zerg the third faction. Granted, reenacting Helm's Deep with assault rifles is a fun time for me, and you're probably going to be all bunched up into grenade-friendly clusters, but you're still a douche.

 - Are you capping a point? Is victory guaranteed? Don't trash the fucking base. Leave the terminals and the turrets alone, because the more competent and responsible members of your team are going to have to turn around and fix everything you broke before they can move on to the next point.

 - Did an enemy just take you out in a totally awesome way? Give them a '/t' and let them know it, because (surprise, surprise) your opposition is also playing Planetside 2 because they want to have a good time and challenge themselves against opponents they can respect. I've got players on my friends list that aren't even in my faction. You know why? Because I'm not a douche.

(Is bragging about not being a douche something a douche would do? I need to self-analyze.)

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