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Monday, January 14, 2013

Novel: North of Armageddon

My bro wrote a novel. It got published. It's excellent.
There's a huge number of creative narrative devices in this book that give it a lot of personality and help get you invested in the characters (before everything goes to shit and they're all brutally murdered.) I'm hoping he cultures this specific writing style and tries it out in future projects, because it works really well.

Clint explains North of Armageddon better than I do on his own Tumblr. It's the best post ever because it's 10% "Oh, hey. I published a book. Whatever," and 90% "Let me tell you about the lesser-known projects of Andrew Hussie."

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  1. The title of my journal post on deviantART is "My book is out! (also Hussie, because lol)"