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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Magicians & Looters: XBLIG Patch

. faster player acceleration
. slightly more generous enemy hitboxes

less-swingy boss fights
. Red Warlock deathball ambush spawns 4 instead of 8
. Red Warlock black knives only hit player once per attack at most
. Jocko Bear Ball does less damage and can't repeat hits as often
. Jocko drops 4 bombs from tightrope instead of 8 towards the end
. Spud fires fewer missiles all around
. Spud's acid gives more warning before rising

bug fixes
. removed ghost orb from orb count
. fixed wrong zone label on Quad Striker
. fixed bug where player would fall through Spud's platform when entering the room

trial mode
. clarified main menu
. added gnome guides to trial game; removed Duel trial game

If you've got Magicians & Looters on your 360 and your adventure petered out somewhere in the middle, I recommend picking it back up. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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