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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Don't Forget E3 Entirely

Sure, there are some impressive looking games at E3, but the whole event had, as far as I was concerned, only one reason for existing: Skyrim.

For your pleasure, here are two hard-boiled game critics, Jim Sterling and Max Scoville, transformed into giddy children by the magic of Skyrim. Keep in mind that these guys generally hate all games. They're like those two muppets on the theater balcony.
But right now they're more like Cookie Monster and Ernie.

And... There might be a few ads. Just a heads-up.

In review: Skyrim will make you young again.

And if you find Sterling and Scoville to come across as complete douches (you're not alone) then here's some unfiltered Skyrim footage, narrated by Todd Howard. And yes, you can execute a dragon with a battle axe.

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