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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Power Sluts And Their Sexy Pooters

I've been checking out the logs for what kind of traffic I receive on my blog and do you know what the most popular post of all time is?

My 3D Pedo-Box.

And in a very close second place:

I Must Show You My Sexy New Girlfriend
(I'm pretty sure someone is checking this post out right now)

So it appears that I've got some sort of pedophile/sex fiend infestation where (in quotes) "people" are typing God-knows-what into their search engines and stumbling onto my blog. No matter how far down the archive list these posts go they still seem to attract at least one view a day.

But I'm not 100% that this is what's going on, so in order to test my theory I'm going to see if this post here attracts the avalanche of perverts that I'm expecting it will.

And if it did work then I'm sorry Pervert but there are no sexy pooters here. I'm just manipulating your warped libido for my own entertainment and mild scientific interest.


  1. I'm very curious who types in "sexy pooters" for their porn.

  2. Just so you know, "sexy pooters" in a Google search yields 45 sites (yours being the first). Interestingly, "power sluts" has about 43,900 (but you're still the fifth page down, baby! Woo!).

  3. Yeah. So far, no luck.

    A few people checked out Pedo and sexy girlfriend today, but pooters? Nobody cares about the pooters.

    On the flipside I'm very happy to be the #1 sexy pooter.
    How hard would it be to become the #1 power slut?

  4. I used to use the term "pooter" as an abbreviation for "computer". So uh, this conversation is extra confusing for me.

    Anyway, don't feel bad. The premier search term for my site is "Sonic Fanfic Porn". But I'm certainly not the #1 result for that search. That's undoubtedly because there's a whole lot of [other] Sonic Fanfic Porn on the web already. But just think! If you start putting more Sexy Computers on your site, you could easily continue to monopolize on the uh... the demand for that.