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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Extra Credits

Do you enjoy game theory but hate having to open up Gamasutra and read all those pointless, long-winded words?

I totally do. Words suck.

I like useful information on game theory, but I don't want to have to spend an entire afternoon of word-mining just to get a hold of a single, good idea. Maybe reading a ten-page essay comparing the casual and hardcore market is fulfilling on some higher, aesthetic level; but I'm a dumb creature that expects immediate rewards. I read fiction for entertainment, but I read game theory for information.

Now wouldn't it be great if someone could provide game theory (and gaming related discussion in general) in a concise, entertaining format?

Pow! Extra Credits in your face!

All the art done by some chick named Allison Theus, who draws monsters better than you ever will, and the host is some dude who (I hope) had his voice modified, because he sounds like a fast-talking muppet sucking on helium. There's some thoughtful discussion going on here that's almost impossible to find on a message board.

Actually, anything thoughtful is almost impossible to find on a message board.
Blogs, too, I'm afraid. Why are you still reading this crap?

And if you prefer your game theory videos with more beard, then try this out.

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