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Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm Going to Fix Skyrim

The tryst with Morrowind and the honeymoon with Oblivion are over, and now we're left with Skyrim's sagging tits. It's really sad.

I'm hoping Bethesda will get their shit together and attempt a sixth Elder Scrolls game.

And if they do, they should take my advice on a few things.

1. Get Rid of the Main Quest

Just the fact that it's the main quest makes it feel like you're participating in something separate from the rest of the open-ended, organic experience.
So why bother, Bethesda? Save the effort you put into that main quest and, next time, add another faction/college/club with it's own plot-line. I had ten times more fun enrolled in Winterhold College than I did fulfilling my destiny as Dragonborn.

2. Put In Horseback Archery

I couldn't even tell you the last game I played before Skyrim that completely neutered horseback combat. It's ridiculous to see a hunter spot a deer and then climb off of his horse before he draws his bow and runs after his game.

Give me some horseback archery, Bethesda. And give Lydia a horse while you're at it. Watching her waddle around in full plate armor, trying to keep pace with my steed, is only entertaining for the first few minutes.

3. New Vegas Companions

A thousand Lydias don't equal a single Cassidy.

When you got a companion in New Vegas, you weren't just getting extra muscle and some canned commentary, like you do in Skyrim. A companion in New Vegas was a genuine character with a story, and attitude, and their own line of quests. It was so awesome, and this could've been the best part of Skyrim.

Instead, we've got, "A healing spell? Are you a priest?"

4. Have Some Non-Linear Dungeons

There are entire games smaller than this dungeon.

Nevermind. Found Black Reach. Holy shit.
Most dungeons in Skyrim have the design philosophy of a waterslide, but there's this one dungeon that is, quite literally, the size of a mountain range. And it's really fun to explore.


  1. I disagree on the first point, I like the main quest, I like most of the side quests. Sometimes I want to wander around killing things in the wild, sometimes I want to take on caves of bandits, but other times I want to find out more about the Dragonborn and the war in Skyrim.

    Point two, however, is my BIGGEST beef with this game. I haven't had my console for long (yeah, I'm a console gamer... I used to be a PC gamer but I can't afford a new system and my PC balks at playing Morrowind) but one of my favorite games before Skyrim was Red Dead Redemption. Talk about a game that got horses RIGHT. You can use almost any weapon from horseback, your horse reacts like a horse, looks like a horse, moves like a horse. I really wish Bethesda had taken a page from RDR on this one. Horses in Skyrim are almost useless (they do allow you to fast travel while overburdened).

    Point 3 would be nice, but it isn't a game killer for me, and point 4 you already discounted. At least this game isn't like FF XIII. :D

  2. Agreed on all points mentioned. my main thing is that my companion who has will to protect me with their life they deserve a horse to run by my side Hehehee...skyrim 6th must be improved..(horse speed must be increased as in the RDR)