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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Contrast is Everything

So here's one of the backgrounds that's going into MAL. I've spent all yesterday air-brushing rocks and crap so everything looks detailed. It's mind-numbing work, and probably 95% of the workload.

But you know what? The rocks and air-brushed details are only about 5% of what you see when you're running through the game. I mean, you see them, but they don't register the same way that the you see the overall theme of the image; the colors and contrast that rolls around in the back of our heads.

Here's the proof:

I could have spent another three days perfecting those stupid rocks, and sure, the detail would be nice from a technical perspective, but one strip of turquoise and pow, the scene looks a billion times better.

And why not go even further?

So now the strip of rocks on the bottom, the ones in the far background, are almost entirely invisible. Hours of work down the drain. But it doesn't matter, because a big yellow, glowing mist makes that foreground pop like crazy, so not only do you have more color, you've got more depth.

(I was supposed to have, like, a billion other things done with the game by now, but instead, "Hey, fuck it, backgrounds.")

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