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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Man From Nowhere

I've never seen an actor portray a more over-the-top dark and brooding hero than the one Won Bin presents in The Man From Nowhere. Through the first half of the movie, whenever Won said anything at all I'd bust out laughing. Not because he was bad. Won is incredible, but watching some dude who can't even see through his hair mumbling over a bowl of ramen with some cute kid at the other end of the table just adding contrast to his mood, it looks ridiculous.

Eventually the movie dives into heavy exposition on just who our Man From Nowhere really is, and while he does have an interesting and appropriately dramatic backstory, I would've been just fine without the details. The character had more of a mystique about him when all we knew was that he came out of fucking nowhere and could beat the shit out of everyone. I like that mystery. Let me fill in the blanks.

And aside from being a really good movie with a lot of fucking heart, The Man From Nowhere also has something else going for it: Cops eating stuff.

I love it when cops eat stuff in movies. Not because of the food itself, although I do enjoy watching people eat. But it's not that.
It's more like I'm witnessing some dudes who understand what's important in life. They're on the job, they're getting shit done, but they're going to fit a burger in-between all that stuff. I like that! I love that!

There should've been more scenes with those cops. Those guys were great.

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  1. Remind me to never eat a hamburger around you again! Creepy...