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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Greenlight: Tiny Barbarian DX

TinyB is kicking ass on Kickstarter, so now it's time for the next step that all indie titles must take: Steam Greenlight. Don't let this game fall into obscurity. Get it on the front page of the Steam store!

And no, you can't leave a comment on Greenlight about how you're tired of 8-bit games, or how the game belongs on Newgrounds because it looks like it was made with Flash, or how this game looks like something else you played that isn't even in the same fucking genre because ten-billion other fucking idiots already posted those comments for you!

A historically accurate merchant simulator does not look like Skyrim! What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Sorry. That was off-topic, and TinyB's Greenlight page is almost 100% praise, but I've spent a little too much time checking out some of the other, less successful games; and it's rubbed off on me in a bad way. Constructive criticism on Greenlight is like an intricate, high-quality game on XBLIG.

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