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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Movie (Spoilers): Prometheus

Imagine if the nation of Iran watched "Chariots of the Gods" waaaaay too many times, and then launched a spaceship to some distant planet where they kickstarted life, or maybe just humanity? That part isn't very clear.

But it's irrelevant, because countless years have passed and your world and its civilizations have changed countless times before you were even born, so you don't even know that Iran watched "Chariots of the Gods" over a dozen times, not that you'd care, because people believed anything in the seventies.

But this chick who just woke you up from cryo-sleep doesn't get it. She seems to think that you've got all the answers, and obviously you'd know why Iran did that one thing in the ancient past, and obviously you'd have a very important reason for deciding to kill off the human race with the freakiest bio-engineered shit imaginable all these years later.

So if I were that proto-human in Prometheus and I woke up to a bunch of questions that were that stupid? I'd probably start ripping some heads off, too.

+ Pretty as fuck.
- B-grade slasher films have more believable characters with more common sense.

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