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Monday, April 4, 2011

EPIC 1980's Game Concept Storyboard

A little history: Pretty-much everything I drew as a child related to video games in some fashion. 90% of the time I was sketching in crayon the Great American Novel of video games.

That's right. I'm a game design prodigy, and here's the proof: a full storyboard that, if made into a proper video game trailer, would break down any server trying to handle all the pre-orders coming in.

Cursive may not have been the best medium to write down the dialogue but I was probably in the third grade when I made this and we used cursive all the time in that class. Is cursive officially an anachronism?

Hit the jump for a transcript of all the dialogue.

1. Justin is being attacked by Quikes (native hostile aliens).
      All of my protagonists were named after me when I scripted up these games.
      Even back then I thought that Quikes was a terrible word, but I never made the effort to think up something else. (It kinda sounds like a racial slur for an alien race)

2. Warp speed is no use.

3. Our hero must do a 3 point vertical celcium structure dive.
       Can I write sci-fi or can I write sci-fi?
       This narrative reads very Calvin n Hobbes Spaceman Spiffy. I'm guessing a lot of influence in that direction.


5. He did it with no atoms bursting!
       This sentence makes me think that I was a better writer in the 3rd grade than I am now.

6. "I should have known better. They would call a noit if I got in starbase area."

7. "Wo that plate generates heat making a beam to fry me I gotta think fast."

8. "I have an idea. If I heat the plate it'll hit them."
        He used his jet engine exhaust to heat up the plate. That's kinda clever.

9. "Here it goes." "Come on. Come on."

10. YA!
        That is a sweet-looking panel.

11. "I'm at starbase. Uhoh." Our hero is in big trouble.
        The panel looks like a bunch of... eyes? I guess that makes sense.

12. "My only chance is to bail out."

13. FWISH!

14. "Thankgoodness." "Now for further journeys."

The scary thing is that I have old writing journals from back in the third grade and my grammar and punctuation is, like, ten times better when I'm not storyboarding a video game idea.

I think NES-era Engrish sort of taught me that dialogue in video games can only be delivered in a specific (bad) manner. Even when my education allowed me to write better I'd still scribble down crap for games like Super Nova.

Or at least I think it's Super Nova. I made about two sequels to that game. It was hella cool.

Although I guess it's possible that this is a storyboard for Black Hole, the black sheep of my imaginary video game stable. I wasn't much for labeling back then.


  1. I probably shouldn't admit this, but your cursive was very similar to mine and/or my brother's in drawings from that same general age...

    I've heard that the kids today are no longer taught cursive in school. Theoretically this is because ANY DAY NOW we won't be using paper any more, though I have yet to see THAT happen anywhere in the real world. Seems like a shame, though.

    The way things are going in this country, it's only a matter of time before those goddamn Quikes are running the place.

  2. Also, I'm pretty sure this is how they write the scripts for that TV show Clone Wars.