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Monday, April 18, 2011

Good XBLI Games?

Yeah, dude! They exist!

Protect Me Knight smells a lot like tower defense, but I'm not a fan of the tower defense genre and I love this game so it's got to be something else.

You and three buddies are all together on a single screen protecting the princess from waves and waves of enemies. After each stage you get to power up your characters with new abilities and every level provides a unique challenge.

And when you beat the game, you rock out!

This isn't another In the Pit. It's legitimately fun. Honest! Just make sure you bring some friends into the game with you.

You can convince your buds to play an XBLI game, right? No problem!

(look closely at the princess as she says fucking and you can see her give this really cold stare)


  1. I think they stole the sound effects from Blaster Master. And the music is from... uh... StarTropics, maybe?

  2. You're trolling, aren't you?

    The guy who did the music is one of the most famous low-bit composers of all time.
    Etrian Odyssey. Legacy of the Wizard. Actraiser.
    It was his own dev team that made this game.