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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Read Breathless and They Did, Too

mishkin01 - This book was written by a hack.

rgregg -  If this were the first Koontz book I ever read, I would probably dismiss him as a confused writer unable to create interest.

Patrick J Sullivan - Could Be - Maybe Should Be - a Franchise Killer

beam me up scotty - If you bought a copy, or received it as a gift, just save yourself the time and stick hot pokers in your eyes now

Mike Davis - Even for a Dean Koontz fan such as myself, this is simply too much BS to swallow even in fiction. I'm tired of helping Dean Koontz stay rich writing crappy spiritual parables.

G. Tenison - his publisher called and said "DUDE, we just got a 300k advance for another ODD THOMAS story!...and Dean responds "woah...time to wrap this book up before dinner!"

Carol Grzonka(my favorite) - given the last few books dean has written, and the reduction in both quality and substance, i am going to write his next book here:
there was this conflicted man who owned this special dog. they met an emotionally bruised woman. something amazing happened. a very evil man, who worked for a secret, paranoid branch of the government did some psychotic stuff. man determines what is valuable in his life. he and the special dog befriend the bruised woman. a lot of political/religious proselitizing is expressed. and all the right-thinking. good people live happily-ever-after. 
now, send me $10. 

This book was a novelty in just how disappointing it managed to be.

I'm trying to think if I've ever read a book worse than Breathless.

Oh, wait. Yes!!! I did!!!!

Whenever I recall that I read the entire Doom trilogy I need about ten minutes of alone time to silently weep.

Obviously, you think it's bad, but it's worse than that. So much worse.



  1. Relentless was worse.

    In fact, I will never buy a Dean Koontz novel again. I hate how repetitive each one is and I've grown to hate the characters. I cringe at the politics and the sermons. I've grown to detest all of the things I used to love about his work. Though I'm one measly person in billions, I'd prefer to spend my money on someone who doesn't blather on about their personal politics. I believe the political climate of the last ten years is ruining this country more far more than debt ceilings and the recession. Koontz is part of that.

    Oh and in the last book......Odd Thomas came off as a douche bag.

  2. In the first book he came off as a douche.
    There was this ghost who was doing a gag with a detachable limb for Odd's amusement, and in Odd's internal monologue he's thinking about how pathetic the ghost is for trying to make someone laugh.

    Koontz tried to write a lovable, friendly character; but that's hard to do when all you know is how to be a douche.