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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Demon's Souls

You win.

I give up.

I've given up on games before, but first I have to get bored with the mechanics, or distracted by another game, or at least beat the first god-damned level.
I've played hard games before. Hell, I've even bragged about how tough games used to be back in the 8-bit days, but none of those games were half the challenge that you are, Demon's Souls.

You're malevolent.

And your targeting system sucks. Half the challenge of playing you is wrestling the right analog to try and lock onto the bastard murdering me. God forbid you give me some comfortable controls and then present a healthy challenge.
If you weren't so fucking difficult then nobody would care about you, buddy. That's all they see you as: a grindstone. You're not even a real video game.

How does that feel?

And I hate you most because this nightmare world you've dropped me into is absolutely beautiful. I love the concept. I love the monsters. Why do you have to tease me with that intro movie? I just want to play you so bad, but then you go and give me a shield with about five degrees of effectiveness that, even when it works, I still lose some HP. What the fuck is your problem?

So fuck you, Demon's Souls. I can just play a better game with the difficulty setting maxed out and I'll have a much better time. A more rewarding time.


See you tomorrow night?

1 comment:

  1. I think I've heard more about this game than any other game I haven't played. (It's only on PS3, right?) I think you've just summed up everyone's collective feelings, or at least those of the people I've heard. Which is to say that somewhere out there is a Korean kid who just fucking loves this game.