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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Spawn of Molyjam

So there's this talented developer who says a lot of crazy (randomly insightful) shit:
"Hi! I'm Peter Molyneux!"

And there's this Twitter account that belongs to a fictional, exaggerated version of this talented developer. Basically, someone out-Molyneux'd Molyneux:

Inspired by this mystery genius mimicking another genius, a bunch of dudes got together and said, "Let's do a gamejam where we make these awesome ideas into actual games."

So it happened. It's over. Outside observers had mixed opinions. They probably practice scowling while dropping their deuces.

But, whatever. Look at what the Molyjam has spawned!

(Runs on your browser. Takes about five minutes)

More awesome spawn:


  1. Glad they got the hugs right. I mean bare chested is the only way to have a proper man on man hug.

  2. So wait... I heard that Molyneux himself participated in the jam. But I didn't hear whether or not he won. I'm guessing he didn't win? Which makes it funnier.