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Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Dream in Retro

Apparently, this is how I operate.
With random videos.
Much better than text. Don't you agree?

The creepy thing about this video is it's accuracy.
Any child of the 8-bit era, over-saturated with Golden Axe and Goonies 2, will agree with me on this: we all had dreams like this one.


  1. I don't think I've had this particular dream, but yeah, I've played a lot of games that don't really exist. The games I play in dream come from a multitude of genres, though RTS, simulators, and FPS seem much more common than platformers and RPGs. Usually I'm just playing the game, but sometimes I'm "in" the game as well. This is more noticeable when I'm talking to people I know in a game that would normally be top-view, etc. I dream a lot of games that bend genre or are otherwise unlikely to exist.

    I had The Doom Dream a few times back in the day. I've certainly had other one-shot dreams based on a game I had just been playing a lot, but that was the game I remember causing this the most.

    Since I keep a dream journal (since 1992), it might be interesting to do some kind of search and tally up the incidents... But that would take a while.

  2. What I didn't quite explain is that I have more dreams about 3D games than 2D games, and it's very unlikely that I'll go "into" a 2D game. Usually when they appear, the context is very clear that we're playing them on a TV or whatever.