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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Machinima Friday

Oh wait, no. It's Thursday.


Ross Scott is a magical man who has managed to successfully perform the greatest trick ever: creating entertaining machinima.

The dude is best known for his Freeman's Mind series, which is probably the laziest machinima ever made.
Basically, Ross just plays through Half-Life as the silent protagonist, Gordon Freeman, and all he adds is Gordon's inner monologue. Think of it as a Let's Play video with creative liberties.

He's been making these videos for almost four years, now. There are almost forty episodes that run an average of 6-7 minutes, and keep in mind that it's just some dude playing Half-Life who added some voice-work. Freeman's Mind is amazing just for the fact that anyone can walk around a game for twenty hours and still come up with stuff to talk about. It helps that Ross Scott is a great voice actor. I've seen so many of these things that I'll never be able to play Half-Life again without assuming that Gordon Freeman sounds exactly like Ross Scott.

Fun fact: The guy actually looks like Gordon Freeman.

Forget episode 1. Watch this part. It's funny.
(Unless you get a commercial. If that happens then the episode will start at the beginning.)

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