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Monday, September 5, 2011

Fifteen-Year-Old PC Game

Holy shit I'm playing Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall.

I only played this game once before and that was fifteen years ago on a friend's computer.
He didn't own the game. I bought the demo (yes, I bought a demo) in the store for about $5 and installed it on his computer.

Curious where a demo for a game that's over half a million square kilometers in size start you off? In the middle of a dungeon, of course; with a randomized character and a huge arsenal of super-powerful gear.
For all I knew at the time, this was actually how the game started off. The only hitch was that, nine times out of ten, my character would fall right through the game world and plummet into an endless abyss with the dungeon itself miles above me.

Despite the bullshit, I had so much god-damn fun playing this stupid demo. The MIDI music was super creepy, which was an honest step up from Morrowind (which came out years later and, for some reason, only played the same song, over and over, throughout the entire game. Jeremy Soule isn't that good, and the song simply ruined any atmosphere the dungeons tried to create).

Brave warrior, want to try out the classic yourself? It's free over at the main Elder Scrolls site.
Just be warned that getting this game to run on your PC is about as easy as launching a shuttle to the moon. There's a PDF you'll have to read with pages upon pages of explicit instructions.

Even after fifteen years, the game definitely has it's charms.
Just imagine yourself playing (a slightly lower-res) Skyrim, only now you can climb walls!

Can you climb walls in Skyrim?
Fuck no you can't!

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  1. Did I download this free version already? I think I did... I can't remember! No! I only downloaded all of the sprites for some reason. That's really weird, cuz I know I've been to this download page before...

    The only problem with climbing walls is that you can't climb down! Unless there's some secret to it. But uh, for a pretty buggy DOS game, Daggerfall does some things that are frikkin amazing. I probably shouldn't tell you the bad news about the music, though. It's the exact same music as in ES1:Arena. Yeah, so I guess the moral is that all of the ES games have had some really retarded features despite their ambitions...