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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Speedrunner HD

It looks great. It plays great. But since it's on XBLI there has to be at least one major flaw, and for Speedrunner that flaw is the game's length. You only get so many levels and each of those levels are about thirty seconds long, which works fine if you're playing Super Meat Boy and dying two-three hundred times before reaching the end of a fifteen-second level, but Speedrunner isn't a crazy-hard game so you'll tear right through these levels and spend more time staring at the load screen than playing the actual game.

To be fair, I never tried out the multiplayer, which is supposed to be competitive, balanced and very re-playable. I just wish the SP levels were longer.
Could someone just throw a ton of cash at the devs so they can produce an enormous, open-ended 2D platformer super-hero game? Something with more than three minutes of content?

Remember: If you want your friends to join you in a game of Speedrunner do not mention that the game is XBLI or you'll never get them to play a round with you.

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