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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tommy Wi-Show Belongs in Your Pants

Ever wondered what it would be like to watch Tommy Wiseau play video games? If you have then oh my god, Christmas came early.

Look at him! I'm serious. Look at this guy.
Usually you can tell when someone purposefully makes a bad video. There's something about them that says, "I'm acting. I'm not really this awkward and strange. It's just an act. I'm emphasizing my feigned stupidity."
But Tommy? He acts awkward and strange without even trying. The dude really is just sitting down, tapping buttons on a controller and mumbling to himself. At one point during the longest fucking round of Mortal Kombat ever, I swear you can actually see the dark halo of his anti-charisma hovering all around him.
And he isn't even trying.

Do you know who else does things without trying? Do you know who else simply acts?

Zen masters.

And that's what Tommy is. He's a Zen master of uncomfortable, glazed stares and crazy laughs.

By the way. I've never seen so many dislikes on a Youtube video, before.
Normally, you can show the most heinous, bizarre, insane shit on Youtube and easily pick up a minimum 95% likes, but once again, Tommy Wiseau has broken the mold.

Actually, I've got a theory:
After watching this video a few times (Yes. I'm serious), I think what they did was stick Tommy Wiseau in a room with no rehearsal or preparation and just built the show around him.

I listened to an interview and, according to the guy who was with TW during the interview(and who was also capable of speaking legible sentences), the Tommy Wi-Show will run for 1,000 episodes, and only on the final episode will the entire plot come together.

God this shit made me rage quit the internet

this is a very odd show
A show about an alien... and another alien wearing a turtleneck.
So wait... this is a Lets Play starring Tommy Wiseau?
so this is where all my weed went!
TW for EVO
I had a dream about this video


  1. Something about this reminds me of Pee-Wee's Playhouse... er, if Pee-Wee had brain damage.

    At least there were only about 10 people in the credits. I think the producers must have been buying drugs off this guy, and they thought he was funny enough to put on TV.

  2. Maybe I'm retarded, but I actually liked that a lot. There were some other ones I found on his page that were pretty good too. Check this out

  3. I haven't spent much time browsing Machinima so I've never seen this video before.
    And it was really, really good.