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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rayne and Simon's Hideous Love-Child

Bloodrayne: Betrayal suffers from a bad case of ShaqFu-itis.

If you haven't played ShaqFu, then maybe you're familiar with the original Prince of Persia? Same concept.
The animations are thorough, so they look smooth, but playing it is a completely different experience because you can't do anything until whatever animation you've committed yourself to finishes it's cycle. This works fine in a precision platformer like PoP, but in a fighting game like ShaqFu or a platformer-beat-em-up like Bloodrayne: Betrayal? It feels like crap.

In a queer way it reminds me of Oni on the PS2 (developed by pre-Halo Bungie). In that game you could roll to the side, pick up a weapon in mid-roll, then come out of the roll and open fire, but doing it was almost impossible and never satisfying. Same with Bloodrayne.

I still ran through the demo twice, though. The game is beautiful and the music sounds like it was composed by a guy who spent the last three years listening to the Symphony of the Night soundtrack. The whole game screams hi-def Castlevania in appearance, but it plays like something else entirely. Praise the artists. Blame the programmers.

Also, I didn't know this, but there are fans of the Bloodrayne franchise, and they hate this game (and all 2D games) with a burning passion.


2D sux... Bloodrayne 2 much better

..... you gotta be f'n kidding me...........

They shouldn't have done it "different." A full fledged 3D game of Bloodrayne would have been so much more satisfying than this! Especially after reading how it was supposed to be.. and now, they just completely changed it. I had been a fan since but now.. my level on Bloodrayne has just plummeted because of this ._.

what made they think that this way would work...?
Blood Rayne was one of my fav video games ever as a teen and in my 20's slow mo fighting only game where you could feed on someone for health use the body as a shield then cut its head off and shoot them to death and now they make this piece of 2d shit its like pissing down my back and calling it rain... or rayne even...
This is a huge disappointment. I absolutely loved the first and second bloodrayne. Bloodrayne 2 was epic! I loved it! I thought Bloodrayne 3 would be at least as good as the second. But I guess my expectations were to high. The same people aren't even making it. I think that's where everything got screwed. Defiantly won't be buying this.
BloodRayne 3 - a sidescroller game... Where is your god now!!!?
wtf this shit looks dumb
yeah it sucks
:S Are you kidding me? BloodRayne3 in 2D anime? Geez! Budget cuts must really bad at Majesco. Feels like they were sitting on their asses and decided to make this game in two weaks. I expected WAY better graphics. Very dissapointed.
I don't see any reason why would pople pick 2D over 3D?
I see why it's called Betrayal. BR3 is betrayal to the sequel!
They would never make something so stupid looking for bloodrayne after making the other two look so bad ass.

damn the first two bloodrayne are better then this shit

minorr gripe: your an asshole trying to sell it rather than review it, this shit looks like a fukin flash game. give me the real bloodrayne online!

a plus for 'great graphics'??? like wtf?? ign WAKE UP!!!!

I clicked because I saw boobs...


  1. I don't know what it feels like to play, but the first thing I'd say is that it bothers me that some of the animation sequences are super smooth while others (for the same character) are super choppy. I also don't like the clash of hand-drawn cels combined with procedural animation, also seen in A Boy and His Blob 3. Though I suppose that's hard to eliminate entirely since this is a video game.