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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Scariest Anime Ever

Ghost Hound is the kind of nightmare a nightmare would have. It's Twin Peaks and meth and peyote and more meth all taking place on the other side of the universe. Ghost Hound still scares me. I've mostly recovered from Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but Ghost Hound still scares me.

Most "horror" genre anime just have some vampire gangs who get cut up with a motorcycle covered in crucifixes swung around like a baseball bat by a chick who works for a secret demon hunting government agency in downtown Tokyo while rock music plays in the background.
It's not scary stuff.

Ghost Hound is different. Maybe some of the characters are forgettable and the story gets pulled out of the oven half-baked, but even if you're like, "Cartoons are fucking stupid. They're not scary." Ghost Hound is still fucking scary, it's incredibly fucking weird, and at no point will Dracula, or Dracula's son, or a robot, show up and start kicking ass.

You know how at the start of some shows they'll do a quick recap, showing key points in earlier episodes? Ghost Hound does that, but for no reason I've ever been able to figure out, all of the audio sounds like it's coming from the throat of some monster slumbering on the bottom of the ocean.
So the episode hasn't even started yet and already you're being shoved outside of your comfort zone.

A small warning: even though this series is short, it's incredibly slow. If you like things to happen fast during an initial episode then Ghost Hound will feel like punishment. There's barely even any exposition until episode two.

And because it's anime, the finale revolves around the main character dressing up like a girl and sneaking into an all-girls institution.
Because he looks like a girl.
Because it's anime.

Also, because it's anime, the opening has nothing to do with the show itself yet still manages to be incredible on it's own merit.
Watching this intro and then watching the show is like starting a conversation with a charismatic stranger, who seems like a pretty cool dude, but as the conversation (episode) continues, you realize that the guy is bonkers and capable of murdering you on a whim.

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  1. I would recomend you to watch Ghost in the shell and Higurashi note Higurashi ain't for those whit weak stomach hope you enjoy xD