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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Scariest Story Ever

'Tis the season for rotting ghouls, rotting pumpkins, and rotting teeth.

I'm in the mood for scary shit, and the scariest story I've ever read (NOT the best piece of horror literature (Pet Semetary). There's a difference) is a short story I only discovered about six months ago, and just thinking about it still freaks me out. Fucking goosebumps.

The cover of the book is so bad, it's SCARY!

If you've ever read A Very Tight Place, then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Stephen King wrote this and threw it into his Just After Sunset collection, which was published in 2008, and I'm sure that's an off-putting year for most King fans who probably wish that the man was Groundhog Day-trapped in his prolific 1980's, but give the man some credit. The only author Stephen King ever really competes with is Stephen King (he certainly isn't competing with Michael Crichton). You can easily see how much fun he has with his work; which, in my experience, is what you want most out of your authors. Read Stationary Bike and tell me if a sane man could've come up with half of that story.

What the hell was I talking about?
A Very Tight Place? It's the scariest story I've ever read, no other story will ever be written that could possibly be scarier, and I don't give away the plots of really good stuff, so I guess all that's left of this conversation is awkward silence.

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