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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Scariest Movie Scene Ever

"Scariest Movie Ever" would've been cooler, but there are way too many movies that freak me out, so I'm just going to pick one scene and go with that.
The scariest movie scene ever!

Have you ever seen House on Haunted Hill? The 1999 version?
Most of the film was kind of goofy, none of the characters made any sense (even by horror movie standards), and by the time they get to the 'evil ghost flood' chase scene at the end, there's absolutely nothing scary about it.

But then you get shit like this:

No! Keep watching! I'm not talking about the 'missing face' gag. That's not the scary part.
Watch the way that fucker walks past the camera. Holy shit, that's a creepy walk.

This scene really could've done without the Looney Tunes knife sound effect, but otherwise I still find that dude really unsettling.

And while that scene is freaky, it's definitely not the 'scariest movie scene ever'.

That honor goes to something I haven't even grown the balls to watch in over ten years, and honestly, I'm fine with waiting another ten. The only reason I know that I've found the right scene is because I clipped through it really fast and recognized some small bits. Hopefully it wasn't edited or something weird.
And I'm not slapping this on the front of the blog. You want to see it? Go ahead.

Just thinking about when they all looked up, all in perfect synch, still freaks me the fuck out.

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