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Thursday, November 10, 2011


Holy crap Skyrim. Gonna play it. Who knows how long. Maybe it'll suck. Probably not.

I've stocked the pantry with food. I've mothballed all projects. I've even scheduled an oil change early tomorrow, which is on the way to Gamestop, so I don't have to worry about my car a week from now when I'll be lucky if I'm not wearing a catheter.

My greatest nemesis at this point is fate.

Have you ever noticed how, in any movie, when a cop says it's his last day before he retires, he always dies?
That's what I'm afraid of: fate with a dramatic sense of timing.
I'll go out in my little car to pick up my game and BAM! Todd Howard in a sixteen wheeler runs me over. And he's laughing, because I was so close.

God only knows when I'll next bother to feed myself after I start playing this fucking game, so I'm putting all my earthly affairs in order, and I thought it'd be cool to post a bunch of messed up videos that you probably saw three or four years ago.

"But then I thought to myself, what if this was a movie?"

If you're a fan of Metal Gear Solid and Lupin the Third then prepare for the orgasm of your life.

Honestly, this video is probably funnier if you've never even heard of MGS or Lupin.

I love the logic behind this.

I want to leave you with something special. Something that you won't be able to wrap your head around. Something that you can't wrap your head around.
Egoraptor is crazy, and here's my proof.
I've never seen anyone so completely and effectively hijack their own video.

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