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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Purple Trees

In Morrowind you couldn't throw a stone without hitting some ancient wizard, and Cyrodiil's guild of mages has a chapter house on every corner.

But Skyrim?
Wizards are a rare, unappreciated breed up in the north.

Court magicians are barely tolerated and the only legitimate center of learning for us erudite Hufflepuff-types is a decaying academy hanging from the edge of a cliff on the edge of the map.

And that's where I'm going! Screw epic dragon battles. I wanna read ancient tomes in some moldy, old library. How awesome is that?

I guess I could've taken a coach, but a true adventurer travels the countryside on foot.
It's more epic that way.

I was almost to the academy in Winterhold (after crossing an incredibly treacherous mountain range) when some dude runs up to me, shoves some magic armor into my hands and says, "Here! Hold onto this!"

And I'm like, "Huh?"

"I'll come back for it!" The guy is freaking out. Right before he runs off he looks me directly in the eye and snarls, "Don't double-cross me, or I'll find you and I'll kill you!"

About two seconds later some other dude with a bow runs up to me and asks, "Did you see a ---?"

And then he spots the guy and totally forgets about me.

"There he is! Stop, fucker!"

It's over really fast.

Maybe the dude should've tried wearing the magic armor instead of handing it over to me.

I got a pretty decent price, though, when I pawned it off in town.

Wait a second. What's going on here?
That doesn't look right.

Holy shit.

About two minutes later, the game crashed.

I guess the Winterhold Academy can wait until tomorrow.

Ha. No. That's bullshit. I'm rebooting right now and playing this game all night.


  1. What?? No! You fool! You're going to need that armor later to beat the game! Or at least a side-quest! So obvious... How can you call yourself a Gamxr? Etcetera...


    Well, I suppose I should expect you to use a cheating tool to recover that armor later, eh? You cheater.

  2. There's no Feather spell in Skyrim. What's a wizard to do with all the crap that accumulates in his pack?

    Besides, the armor gave a bonus to Illusion spells.
    Illusion magic is lame.