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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Winterhold: Defense Against the Dark Arts 303

Lesson 1: Dual-casting is For WIZARDS

Being a wizard, you'll never produce the DPS that a warrior can generate, but the one thing you do have going in your favor is dual casting. One spell. Both hands. And that dual-cast perk on the Destruction skill tree. You'll need that.

Just dual-cast a cheap, single-shot spell, like Firebolt, and you're almost guaranteed to stun your enemy, which is just about the best defensive measure a wizard can have, but remember to wait until your opponent is completely finished being stunned before dual-casting another spell, or it won't reset the stun.

Lesson 2: Never Pull Out Your Biggest Gun

This troll is just asking for a firestorm to char him faster than dragon's breath, but control your urges, Wizard, and reserve your power!

Whatever your biggest, most destructive spell is, you should never use it. Always use the second-strongest spell in your arsenal and dole out your magicka responsibly.

Of course, while this is logical advice, I've never been too good about following it, myself.


Lesson 2.5: Never Pull Out Your Biggest Gun, Unless it's Awesome

A lightning bolt is a beautiful thing, but oh my god is it expensive.

Lesson 3: Stun and Cook

This pic doesn't have anything to do with casting a wall spell on a stunned enemy, but I just thought it looked cool.

The wall spells are super cheap to cast, and if you can get your opponent to stand on top of one they'll suffer an incredible amount of damage. A well-timed, dual-cast Firebolt works perfectly to keep the badguy on top of your damage trap. The Paralyze spell from Alteration is even better.

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