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Monday, February 28, 2011

It's The Coolest Game Ever!

But I'm not really finished yet, and now that we've hit the work-week things are gonna slow dramatically.

Uh, new post, new post...

Hold on. Uncle Justin is going to rummage around in his magic steamer chest...

Look what I found! My biggest time-sink of last year, Minecraft!

If you've been within a hundred feet of video games in the last year then you're probably familiar with Minecraft.

Imagine a game with no point. No objective. No goal. No antagonist. Lots of blocks.
Looks ugly, right? (don't say anything! That's my castle!) You see, everything in this game is made out of blocks and all of those blocks can be torn apart and rebuilt in different forms. Think Legos and you're halfway there.

It's hard to pin down the allure of Minecraft because it serves such a different mindset than your average video game. I'm a sucker for endless sim games like Sim City, so maybe that's a part of it. And I love castles and dungeons, so that helps. Or maybe I just enjoy building things in a video game environment. I do (partially) make games every now and then, right?

Hey look! This is the room where a creeper caught me off-guard in my own virtual home.

If you've never had the experience of stumbling upon a creeper with your pants halfway on then imagine that, as you read this self-obsessed blog in the comfort of your own home, a maniac strapped with dynamite bursts through your front door.

A creeper is just a little bit scarier than that real-life scenario.

See that red stuff in the far window? It's lava spilling from a mountain on the other side of the bay. Sweet!

Looking at these screenies should instill in me an omigod-I-threw-away-countless-hours-for-this? feeling, or at least that's what would happen to a weak-kneed responsible adult. Ha! All I feel is a deep longing to return to my little block world. I'd build another castle right now if I didn't have a million other things to do. First on that list being Missile Master. Maybe I should stop indulging in nostalgia until I finish that damn game.

I'm afraid to admit that this is one of my smaller castles.

After I finish Missile Master I think I'll make a game with a castle in it.

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