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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The M Word

I saw it again. The M word. It was right there, sitting on a forum post where everyone was discussing what they thought of a recently released video game. There was, of course, no other content to the post. There never is.

You know what word I'm talking about, right?


I hate it. I even hate writing it. There's so much wrong with those three letters, from the pathetic sound that's made when it's spoken to its vapid, pointless definition. It's a terrible, wrong word, like a tongue growing out of an asshole.

Who does that? Who writes something like that? Meh (Jesus, I hate that word) has no point. It's the exact opposite of an opinion. It's the declaration that you have no declaration. Why would you share that with everyone? Why are you even on this forum? Did you even play the game? Did it fail to entertain you and now you've gone to the message boards to meh all over the place? Tell me the game is shit. Tell me it's great. Tell me about your fucking dog, just don't meh!

And the word is so god-damned apathetic I want to scream until blood geysers out of my lungs. Every time I see the word it's like, for a moment, I get to witness the pure essence of this person. Like their empty, digital message is a spiritual anchor onto which I can grasp and reach out, peering through the aether to witness the naked, grey little things that they truly are. My mouth fills with bile.

Are you really going to meh? You do know you're the antithesis of life, right?

Well I'll take your meh and raise you bat-shit crazy! How do you like that? How does it feel, huh?

Do everyone a favor and log off, then swivel around in your chair and stare at your empty, vapid meh room and your meh house and your pointless, fucking meh life.

Or how about you contribute something, instead?

(Okay, I feel a little better, now. I think I'd better stay away from the forums, though)


  1. meh, TLDR

    I ROFLed

  2. I guess I was kind of asking for that, wasn't I?

  3. Are you... trying to fix... the Internet?