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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More Music From PrototypeRaptor

Why am I so obsessed with PrototypeRaptor's remixes? Well, why not?!

First listen to the source material. Not everyone has played Kirby 64 (I know I haven't) so this'll be a bit of a treat.

So yeah, pretty intense, right? Very fast. Very aggressive. Perfect for a boss fight.

Below is the remix. This is heavy, heavyheavy, D&B, by the way. If that ain't your genre then this will not be your tune.

(That's Vincent Price laughing at the end, in case you were thinking that guy sounds familiar...).

Missile Master is technically finished and you can technically play it, so I'm technically finished with the game, but that doesn't mean it's as fun as it should be (which is a lot more important than a due date, right?). I've heard that you don't ever know how fun your game is until you can actually play it. This is very, very true.

Gimme a few more days to tinker with the code. I've thought up some great improvements with the core game elements--stuff that requires very little extra content to work.

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