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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In The Pit

So you've beaten all of the X-Box 360 games on your shelf and downloaded every X-Box Live Arcade game you could find, but now you've run out of entertainment and the slow, silent pulse of inactivity is forcing you to question the meaning of your existence.

Fear not loyal Microsoft consumer, for there are games left to play.

If you're brave enough.

If you're man enough.

X-Box Live Indie is probably the most frightening collection of digital products I've ever encountered in my life, but every pile of shit has at least one redeemable quality, right? There has to be something worth playing in this indie line-up. Right?

Now if you're worried about braving the wilds of XBLI to find a quality product, then don't. I've already done the leg-work for you, braving what must be a lower level of Dante's hell manifested in a digital form, and I have returned with a fun game!


Video games have always relied too much on their graphics. It's obvious that game-play was infinitely better when developers didn't have advanced graphics cards or fancy-schmancy 16-bit consoles to rely on. Retro gamers have always understood this concept of minimalism better than the average gamer, and while their Amish principles should be congratulated they've probably never considered, never dreamed, of taking their minimalism all the wayIn the Pit does just that by having no graphics at all. The screen is literally black. There's nothing there.

How do you play? With your ears.
What do you do? Control a monster who hunts and eats the victims thrown down into his murky pit.
What are the controls? Don't worry. The narrator will tell you what the controls are. He'll even tell you when the game is paused. After a few minutes of having options and game states narrated to you, you'll be wishing that all games could be slowly explained by one of the developers instead of forcing your eyes to do all the work.

So go forth and download In the Pit! Have the time of your life! Just watch out, because although they spent nine long days developing this game there's supposed to be at least one game-breaking bug that released with the product.

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  1. This is exactly the kind of thing that gets into the IGF.