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Friday, March 25, 2011

Goodbye Poop Blog, Hello Dev Blog

I'm in the mood for making a video game.

A good one, too (with a very specific influence in mind). There'll be explosions and bosses and an extra-hard difficulty setting.

Did you play Missile Master? That was a concept build, and not a very successful one, either. The core of the game, the missiles, couldn't decide where they were going (whoops), the secondary feature, the boost, was never used, and everyone that played just wanted a gun like in every other shooter.

So for the past few days I've been gutting Missile Master and tossing in new features. The ship now has a gun that sprays death using a very accurate ray hit detection (XNA comes with a library of useful tools. Who knew?), and the missiles are already twice as reliable (soon to be 100% after I put in a new guidance system that highlights your target and then goes in for the kill).

And the entire game is now also fully compatible with the XBox 360 controller (and those analog sticks feel sooo good). The game is a hell of a lot better than what I uploaded.

So yeah, Jet-Girl. The original title was Jet-Girl Jenny, which is even sillier, but it looks better with just two words.

I'm terrible at text, by the way. I don't know what head-math is involved that allows people to make letters look all nice and neat but it's a function that I don't possess. I took forever just on that crap image you see above.

Expect Jet-Girl in a few months, wedged somewhere between this and that.

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